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Alternative Destinations – 2017 Castlemaine State Festival

Associated works presented for <the space in between> artist group. Artists include Warwick Baker, Jessie Boylan, Gabrielle Brauer, Domenico de Clario, Tara Gilbee, Zoe Hambleton, Penelope Hunt, Lyndal Jones, Fiona Kennaugh, Tobias Richardson,  Jacques Soddell, Robyn Walton, Hayley West. This project focuses on the energy of enquiry and the spaces of creative practice that broaden beyond the […]

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Blindside Exhibition

                      HERE IN THE UNDERGROWTH 5 – 22 OCT 2016 John Stephen Britten | James Farley + Jacob Raupach | Tara Gilbee | Ebony Gulliver | Matthew Harris | Claire Marston | Steph Shields | Ian Tully Here in the Undergrowth presents the work of […]

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tonglen (from the opaque)

I  first met domenico de clario in Bendigo (2012).  I volunteered to assist him at Latrobe Visual Arts Centre and as I helped unpack some of his boxes we discussed the unfolding nature of his work and archives. Later, in further contact and conversation, he mentioned his concepts around the burial of personal objects and I was captivated with the idea of […]

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Preludes and Sonatas for 15 Painters and Prepared House

This year I participated in Lyndal Jones project ‘Preludes and Sonatas for 15 Painters and Prepared House’ on the 30th of April,  2016 at Watford House, Avoca. Please read below and visit the website  for ‘The Avoca Project’ which will gives a background to this event: The Avoca Project is an international art project in regional Victoria, Australia, centred […]

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Artist Talk – Deakin University

I had a great time exploring the nature of my photographic practice with Third Year students studying New WorldsACI303 at School of Communication & Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts & Education, Deakin University with Daniel Armstrong. I also learnt about Solography and USB microscopic cameras. It was clear to me these are lucky students with a great range of […]

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