Colour Chameleon


The Project Space

Deakin University, Geelong VIC

23 October – 6 November 2019


Colour is a vital element within our world and the creative process, functioning beyond the surface, to activate our senses in many other ways. As a code for our eyes and perceptions, it also functions as an invitation or deterrent; as informant or signifier; and as aid to seduction or disgust. At times colour can exceed the visual apparatus, flood it with information and have the viewer grasping to find visual balance.

Each artist in this exhibition has re-framed and remixed colour to enact it’s use as a primary catalyst to amplify its meaning. Colour working in dynamic ways, building strong impulses and cloaking darker meanings. Examining the parallels between an array of visually synthesised surfaces and a type of natural shape shifting found in our environments beyond the exhibition.

Melinda Harper has a long and accomplished practice of applying colour within painting, objects and textile with fierce patterns to create formations of a personal visual code. Creating a world of shimmering colour and visually mesmerizing surfaces.

Narinda Cook works with plasticine to re formulate it into a liquefying and unstable material revealing darker concerns around the toxic excesses of our consumer wastelands.

Tara Gilbee fashions large coloured sculptural forms into a field of abstracted bodily objects with psychotropic painted skins that references mineral, biological or synthetic worlds.