Castlemaine Art Museum

2nd February – 19 March 2023

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Ellipses describes both the subject and material process of my work. The photographic apparatus and employed processes embody the idea of disturbance or ‘peripherality’, the elliptical framing, with blurred and out of focus sections and sharp striations of light breaking through the camera and frame. Historic sites are represented as psychological ‘grey zones’ and connected to contemporary carceral complexes as places of deep trouble. The works offer metaphysical registrations of muted and marginal spaces.

The artworks – emerging from a two year site-specific project undertaken at the Old Gaol in Bendigo and recent site visits to local gaols in Central Victoria – emphasise the subjective nature not only of imaging/imagining spaces but also the experience and registration of time.

Here I mark my own evolving perceptions of colonial spaces, the history of incarceration and notions of the temporal, by capturing the same site over time or equinoxes. The porthole perspective offered by pinhole photographic methods invoke the idea of the imperfect view that memory and history offer.

‘So it is with time,
That lightens what is dark,
That darkens what is light.’

– Samuel Beckett, Watt 1953

Artist Talk—4 February 2023, 12:30pm at Castlemaine Art Museum 

Please visit the exhibition site for further details : Castlemaine Art Museum