Luminous Echo

Tara Gilbee Luminous Echo photogram 2016

Luminous Echo is a series under development. The works are part of an ongoing investigation within the studio and darkroom in which I create experiments to explore the materiality of light, using techniques such as amplifying lighting and exposure, multiple exposures and repeating formations. The work is created in two distinct modes: figurative images (Lumière Noire series) based on an inversion of shadows that alters the solidity of the figure and captures a paradoxical luminous body, and these small-field photogram prints which draw on similar materials, capturing a sense of a phosporescent internal world via intense abstraction.

This project is part of a process of research to enrich the embedded language and approach I have developed over time in my photovisual work. This practice is based on scientific principles, phenomenological concerns and a semi-autobiographical approach. It draws on the historicism of photogram technique, a quality of recognition imprinted in the silhouette of elements within the frame, and the ambiguity between space, scale and form. The images have a simplicity that beguiles but unsettles; edge and void are simultaneous. The pairing of readable human form and granular abstraction invokes the psychological body.

Luminous Echo – original photogram adapted into a Digital Image on Cotton Rag 841 x 1189 mm 2016

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