In-Habit : I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow. Jude Anderson

Installation: Thur 25th – Sun 28th Feb, 12pm – 5pm Live performance: Fri 26th Feb 8.30pm Cedric Peyronnet & Jacques Soddell Venue: Dormitory Two, Rosina Building, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford. At the Abbotsford Convent there’s a place called the French Meadow where plants run free. From the Convent dormitories where girls once slept in disciplined rows between the strict folds of white cotton sheets, you catch glimpses of the French Meadow. It’s a tempting, gay abandon in this place of precise sleep patterns. In I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow, Jude Anderson in collaboration with photomedia artist Tara Gilbee invited the audience into a field of reverie; a dormitory now filled with secret gardens where the field recordings of sound artist Jacques Soddell and those of French sound artist Cedric Peyronnet floated from each bed and weave through the shifting sleep patterns of an imagined cosmos. A waft of the wild in the girls’ dorm. VIMEO OF LIVE PERFORMANCE:   I’m Dreaming of a French Meadow combines an installation with a live performance that brings Peyronnet and Soddell together for a combined field recordings concert. The installation draws inspiration from the French notion of ‘le jardin secret’ – an undisclosed place of desire or escape, along with the garden beds and secrets of the Abbotsford Convent, and the garden beds tended by the immigrant and refugee gardeners of the Atherton Community Gardens. Associated artists: Tara Gilbee, Cedric Peyronnet, Katie Sfetkidis, Jacques Soddell.