the mercurial shadow

This series was exhibited at Galerie Pavlova (now named Jarvis Dooney) in Berlin as part of a group show called Transcendental – September 6th – November 1st 2014.


This work utilises a manipulation of light and layering techniques created in my studio, as a starting point, to find the fleeting forms and shifting fields of light which create a final poetic form. Often this feels more like a process of drawing than photography. 
The work is a composite of unstable, mutating and visceral surfaces which allude to the internal body and a sense of the inner workings of physiology.

It has a type of schematic information which draws reference to bodily phenomena, as well as creating notions of alchemical forms and transmuting fields of energy shimmering before the eye.
The works are printed as C Type photographs on Metallic Paper in order to enhance the shimmering quality of the light within.  The paper creates an opalescent surface and black mirror which has a material quality reminiscent of past works both sculptural and photographic. 
Type C prints on Kodak Metallic paper 594mm x 841mm