Velvet Light

‘velvet light’ is a series of images and exhibitions which explored the breath and interstitial space , using a combination of photography and sculpture. The series was based around sculptural installations that utilised photography, mirror and translucent materials. It was an ongoing body of work that builds on itself through the reapplication of concepts and materials in new contexts. 

The photographic material is derived from situations that portray intimate/interior moments where there is a sense of transitional boundaries. The images refer to the mysterious spaces between the body and its external environment and the relationship a person may have with their reflection. The image shows the person as fragments of reference, their profile says one thing about them, their reflection another. The myriad of surfaces and angles with which we can be observed is at play within the portraits. On first observation the one person appears as two and the moment reads in a more intimate/ sexual way. It is also confounding how there is a reverberating dialogue between the same person, the audience may attempt to read a conversation from one image to the other but it is not available, as it is a singular moment only available to the sitter, confounding the voyeurism of the observer  .