A Wallaby Once Sat Here: small acts of celebration and concern ecology and the feminine

Prepared House as artwork/curation by Lyndal Jones with invited works by …

Gosia Wlodarczak, Jeanette Skrokov, Simone Slee, Kerrie Poliness, Jill Orr, Mel Ogden, Gayle Maddigan, Katve-Kaissa Konturi, Norie Neumark &Maria Miranda, Anne Marsh, Tara Gilbee, Penelope Hunt, Phoebe Haffenden, Lily Hibberd, Megan Evans, Lesley Duxbury and Kim Donaldson.

Lyndal Jones – Watford House

Gosia Wlodarczak ‘Frost Drawing’ windows of Watford House, Avoca

Including Watford with Flowers, an episodic performance with a number of women and girls from Avoca directed by Jones, on-line connection with opening in Hobart od Fall of Derwent by Margaret Woodward and Justy Phillips. Also, works fromn the TAP collection by Jane Trengrove, Lindy Lee, Bea Maddock, Louise Haselton, Katarina Frank, Terri Bird, amongst others.

Tara Gilbee

16 Dundas St
Exhibition hours:
Saturday 26 November & 3 Dec 2016 11am-9pm.

Sunday 27 November & 4 December 2016