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Traces Unseen


Curated by Aimee Board featuring work by Damien Shen, Tara Gilbee and Todd Johnson


Traces Unseen features three artists surfacing and inscribing hidden histories of bodies and places. In his series of tintypes, Damien Shen responds to archives documenting his rich heritage of mainland China and the Ngarrindjeri peoples of South Australia. Todd Johnson studies the psychogeography of place, collaborating with Lake Burley Griffin by submerging negatives in its waters. And with her pinhole solagraphic works, Tara Gilbee conducts a forensic tracing of a quarantine site.

Traces Unseen opened on Thursday 21st May at 6pm.  Joanna Gilmour, Curator at the National Portrait Gallery alongside exhibition curator Aimee Board and PhotoAccess Director Dr. Kirsten Wehner responded to the works via Facebook opening

Live exhibition opening 21st of May at 6pm (link)

To read an extended interview between the curator Aimee Board and Tara Gilbee visit