Alternative Destinations – 2017 Castlemaine State Festival

Associated works presented for <the space in between> artist group. Artists include Warwick Baker, Jessie Boylan, Gabrielle Brauer, Domenico de Clario, Tara Gilbee, Zoe Hambleton, Penelope Hunt, Lyndal Jones, Fiona Kennaugh, Tobias Richardson,  Jacques Soddell, Robyn Walton, Hayley West.

This project focuses on the energy of enquiry and the spaces of creative practice that broaden beyond the studio. Bringing together an array of innovative works for exploration and discovery.

An accompanying map and catalogue can be acquired from the Margot Wine Bar or Newstead Railway to assist you on a journey through the alternative destinations of this collective of works.

Open 10-4pm everyday 17th – 26th March 2017.

Locations for the works presented:

Newstead Railway Arts Hub

Dundas Street, Newstead VIC 3462

Artists: Warwick Baker, Jessie Boylan,Gabrielle Brauer, Tara Gilbee, Zoe Hambleton, Penelope Hunt, Fiona Kennaugh, Tobias Richardson, Jacques Soddell, Robyn Walton, Hayley West& presentation by Lyndal Jones

The Burke & Wills Mechanics Institute

Castlemaine & Camp StreetsFryerstown VIC 3451

Artist: Tara Gilbee & Performance by Domenico de Clario

The Departure

Shed 42, The Mill, 1–9 Walker StreetCastlemaine VIC 3450

Open: Wed–Sun 10am–3pm

Public interaction happenings. Artist: Hayley West

Various local railway stations

Poetic artworks will be pocketed in surprising places for discovery. Artist: Robyn Walton


Sustained practice in the field:

These artist presentations and performances will present a range of opportunities to hear, explore and become part of the larger ideas that surround artists working beyond the traditional notions of the studio.

Newstead Railway Arts Hub

Dundas Street, Newstead, VIC 3462

The Watford House Lyndal Jones


Lyndal Jones: Artist in conversation

Some propositions for a conversation on art, ecology and the feminine within a regional community drawing on 12 years of The Avoca Project.

Sunday 19th March 3–4pm

Booking and further information:


Penelope Hunt ‘Night Games’ 2014

Artist Presentation: Jessie Boylan, Tobias Richardson, Penelope Hunt.


A selection of artists will present information about the unique sites for their work and the processes they undertake within their practice.

Saturday 25th March 3–4pm

Booking and further information:



The Burke & Wills Mechanics Institute

Castlemaine & Camp Streets, Fryerstown VIC 3451


Tara Gilbee ‘benchmark’ 2012

Impressions of a site : Tara Gilbee

‘Impressions of a site’ is an opportunity to collectively explore traces and marks through an image gathering process, while sharing an afternoon tea under an old oak tree.

Saturday 18th March 3–4pm

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Domenico de Clario ‘songs for albert’ Melbourne

Domenico de Clario: yellow ectoplasm (songs for albert) 

Albert Namatjira loved the songs and dances of the 1940’s and 50’s but was never able to participate in the white communities’ social events. This performance honours the songs he loved and prepares a space in which he is invited to dance with us.


Friday 24th March 9pm (1hr)

Booking and further information: