Artist Talk – Deakin University

I had a great time exploring the nature of my photographic practice with Third Year students studying New WorldsACI303 at School of Communication & Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts & Education, Deakin University with Daniel Armstrong. I also learnt about Solography and USB microscopic cameras. It was clear to me these are lucky students with a great range of experimental photographic techniques to explore.

I also got to pull out some old early works to explain where I started my journey as an artist.

Starting with my residency at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where I was given a studio, access to radiology and the head of radiologist consent to staff assist in the making of X-rays and about 10 rolls of B&W film and a case of polaroid film.

See some of clips from this time. I am considering how I might compile the series or at least archive it better for review.