Alternative Destinations

Castlemaine Festival 2017

domenico declario ‘yellow ectolasm’ performance fryerstown 2017

Associated works presented for <the space in between> artist group. Artists include Warwick Baker, Jessie Boylan, Gabrielle Brauer, domenico de clario, Tara Gilbee, Penelope Hunt, Lyndal Jones, Fiona Kennaugh, Tobias Richardson, Vin Ryan, Jacques Soddell, Zoe Volpato, Robyn Walton, Hayley West.

This project focuses on the energy of enquiry and the spaces of creative practice that broaden beyond the studio. Bringing together an array of innovative works for exploration and discovery.

Various Locations:

Main Hub – Newstead Railway Arts Hub

Newstead Railway Station

Dundas Street , Newstead, Vic 3462

Open 10-4pm everyday 17th – 26th March 2017.