Benchmark series

‘Benchmark I’ (2012) Graphite on Paper.

‘Benchmark II’ (2017) Graphite on Paper

A concrete picnic table under an Oak tree captures the passing history of a largely vacant space – hardly anyone sits under this tree. Its surface is marked with over 40 years of inscriptions though. This set of drawings was created at this site within a 5 year interval. The artwork captures a surface at this site alongside the artistic performance of rendering a moment of its history. Taking over two hours of concentration and fixation, through the drawing process of rubbing or frottage, the final imprint captures the flow of energy and movement as marks are lifted off the hard surface. There is a simultaneous investigation of gesture, mark making and text. Within this energetic frantic field a varied broken narrative can be explored. In returning to the site after a period of time, the site is reinvestigated and the subtlety of changes invite closer inspection. Has anything changed? When viewed as a whole it is mostly similar but in the detail there are slight shifts.