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Robe/s – Punctum Inc

April to October 2015
Central Victorian Goldfields

It’s said that by 2020 we can anticipate that 2 billion people will be emigrating from their home country to another, seeking refuge or work. Many will walk this journey and in so doing softly shape landscapes that speak of their migration. But how do these landscapes speak to those crossing them? Are they places of estrangement or of strange belonging? In the 1850’s thousands of Cantonese labourers walked 500kms from the South Australian town of Robe to the Central Victorian Goldifelds where Punctum is based.

Joyces Creek

Through an act of itinerancy across a migration landscape, fourteen artists will be  ‘performing’ a passage across any 34km section of their choosing in a reverse journey from the Central Goldfields towards Robe along the Robe to Goldfields track. Robe/S explores how landscape is shaped by migration and how landscape shapes our experience. It  hasculminated in an installation in Melbourne – October 2015 as part of the Performing Mobilities – Performace Studies International (Psi) forum ‘Fluid States’, ahead of extending to other countries.

PERFORMING MOBILITIES > a project of the Performing Mobilities Network >
the Australian program of PSi#21 > Fluid States: Performances of Unknowing > the Performance Studies international globally distributed performance research project taking place in a sequence of 15 different locations over 2015 > >

> > > CURATOR > Mick Douglas > > > COMPANION CURATORS > David Cross > Paul Gazzola > Bianca Hester > James Oliver > Paul Rae > Laurene Vaughan > Meredith Rogers > Fiona Wilkie >


Concept, Artstic Direction Jude Anderson/Punctum