Something Holding these Bodies In Kind 30:55

Collective Polyphony Festival

Something Holding these Bodies In-Kind (30:55)

Artists: Sofi Basseghi • Corinna Berndt • Leila Gerges • Tara Gilbee • Marcela Gómez Escudero • Christine Fontana • Lucy Foster • Josephone Mead • Sarah Rudledge • Nina Sanadze • Tina Stefanou

Curator: Sarah Rudledge

“Something Holding these Bodies In-Kind (30:55)” allows for individual journeys to be drawn through the notion of an artist-collective. An artist-collective is defined as an initiative resulting from a group of artists working together, under their own management, towards shared aims. For this exhibition the artists will consider what current journeys they are on. Through a process of shared creative practice they will begin to dismantle the individuality of their own projects, finding threads of exchange with one another. The resulting work will simultaneously challenge the independence of their own work while considering what an artist-collective can be.

About In-kind Collective (est. 2023)

In-Kind Collective explores ways of making and sharing together — in kindness, through generous and generative exchanges. To ‘In-kind’ is an open invitation; to be attentive to new art kinships both materially and interpersonally, and to find ways to gently support each other’s artistic practices in the current social, political and economic climate.

Concurrently, through these practices of support and empowerment, we begin our work to reclaim notions of ‘in-kind’ in the arts, which is frequently understood as unpaid labour. We ask if giving and receiving—between artists, audiences and materials—can be a means to restore, care for and foster collectivity rather than deplete and exhaust the artist and her practice.

Stockroom Kyneton

98 Piper Street, Kyneton 

2 September – 1 October 2023

Opening Saturday, 2 September, 6–7.30pm